Valentine’s Easter-Spring-Summer

Have you noticed how Valentine’s and Easter seem to blend together in the subdued gray, winter-into-spring months? Valentine’s Day is not that big of a “crochet” holiday, but if you plan ahead, you can make some cute things for it. Usually February creeps up on me too quickly to make anything, but I did manage to whip up a couple of luxury spa cloths. Here’s one:

Basketweave Luxury Washcloth

A surprise valentine for a friend: a luxe facial cloth!

I like February, generally, because it’s got a few fun days in there: Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. Some people are off work for President’s Day, extending the three-day weekend trend for one more month. And it’s a short month, too, so then March is upon us quickly.

Shortly after March 1, however, things seem to snowball into springtime and Easter, with fashion trends for swimsuits and sandals quickly following suit. (IMO: too much too soon.)

In an attempt to get ahead of spring fever this year, I decided to get the Easter listings out ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. Fun!


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