Wearable Crochet

For those who do not make garments or anything else out of yarn, it seems that the word “crochet” conjures up images of granny square afghans, doilies, hats, and potholders. Crochet definitely can and does produce those items–and beautifully!– but crochet has made a comeback to the point where it is actually mainstream.

The blankets and throws from the 70s have made a roaring comeback and people have added their own modern twists; coupled with the infinite number of colors and types of yarn out there, people are now taking those motifs and turning them into fashionable, wearable items.

Take the poncho, for example. When I think of the word “poncho,” I think of a shapeless garment meant to keep you dry from the rain.

But some brilliant designer out there (Simone Francis) created a design for a cowl-neck poncho with a standard “granny square” motif as the mainstay stitch, and voila:


It is my absolute goal to make one of these this year.

A woman I found on Instagram, and whom I now follow, has made over 60 of these ponchos! Her name is April–check out her Instagram. It’s incredible! I tend to get bogged down before I even get started with what kind of yarn and colors I should use. In reality, I should analyze less, grab a hook and some yarn, and get cracking. April’s photos show that there are endless possibilities with this design.

I am still relatively new to crochet, only having a couple of years under my belt, so I continually try to build my skills and tackle projects that are doable for both my skill level and meet my need to make something useful but also pleasing to the eye.

I posted a small update about this on the zavvy creations Facebook page, but a year ago today, I completed a project I was so proud of: a crochet shawl. The design is courtesy of Bonita Patterns and uses the crocodile stitch, one of my favorites that I learned to master. I made the below shawl for a friend of mine at work; seeing the memory on Facebook this morning reminded me of how much I enjoyed making something wearable, warm, and beautiful. Honestly, it inspired me all over again to want to make another one or something similar.

Crocodile shawl front and back

Finished crocodile shawl

Those who keep up with my Instagram or Facebook account have already seen the next item I just recently accomplished, but I can’t help but be proud of it because it meets all of my requirements in looking chic, being soft, and keeping one warm. It is the infinity houndstooth scarf. I rarely keep things I make, usually adding them to the shop or giving it away as a gift, but this one was too lovely to part with.

Crochet Houndstooth Infinity Scarf

I have a couple of other small things in the works (I think I have four to six things going at any given time), nothing I am any less proud of, but there is just something about completing a larger project that is so satisfying, be it an amigurumi, a blanket, or a wearable piece. I find I’m constantly in awe of people’s creativity when it comes to this craft, because at its core, crochet’s “foundation” stitches (chain, slip, single, half-double, double, treble) make up the world of crochet’s creations.

And, like most other Chronic Crocheters, I have a dream To Make list a mile long. But it’s only one stitch at a time and there are only 24 hours in a day.

Until next time, friends. If you have made anything you wear proudly, I’d love to see it! Leave a link to a photo, blog post, Ravelry project, etc. 🙂

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