Feel the Love and Savings

Hallo, everybody!

I thought I’d let my handful of readers know about a discount code I’ve got active in the Etsy shop right now: ZVCTHANKS shaves off 10% of any purchase in the shop, be it crochet or photography items.

My shop is three years old and so I am passing on the love–and savings–to those who have lurked and waited for the right time to buy something.

This code is good through February 16! Happy shopping!



School of Rock Scholarship Benefit Show

Well happy November, everyone!

I am pleased and honored to announce that I was able to work up a few items for donation to the School of Rock Scholarship Benefit Show in Evanston, IL!

A member of my extended family works for the School of Rock and is assisting to coordinate the benefit show, so of course I was more than happy to donate some items in order to raise some funds for a terrific organization.

Pertinent info: the Schools of Rock Evanston and Highwood are getting ready to host their annual Scholarship Benefit Show, which will be held on November 8 at 27 Live in Evanston. All proceeds from the show, raffles, and silent auction will go toward their Scholarship Fund, which directly impacts enrolled students who rely on scholarship funds.

As someone who grew up playing an instrument and developed a deep and lasting love of music, supporting an organization that develops this fundamental relationship in youths really matters to me.

Here’s a little more about the School of Rock and their philosophy:

School of Rock isn’t just about creating killer musicians with a lasting love for all things rock. Because life isn’t a solo act,  we’re equally focused on creating awesome bands of friends and musicians. We build a solid foundation for musical education. But we go on creating awesome bands of friends and musicians. We’re as much about orchestrating a community on the North Shore full of cool experiences as we are about building confidence, extraordinary teamwork, and achieving excellence through our unique teaching method. School of Rock is a place where all kids are accepted and encouraged, and we do not want to turn away families who might not be able to afford our programs.

Below are some photos of the items I made and donated. In addition to the bunny and dragonfly baby blanket, I made available to the winner of the auction items a special coupon code for my shop. (Pumpkin is not part of the auction, however.)

If you are in the Chicago area and want to donate or participate in the benefit, check out their Facebook page for more information on the event. It really looks like it’s going to be a fabulous success and lots of fun!

Baby Bunny and Pumpkin

Dragonfly Blanket Spread

Bunny on Pumpkin - Amigurumi

Dragonfly Blanket - Folded

Sunnyside Preschool Halloween Carnival and Auction

It’s autumn. At last! Probably the most favorite season of all seasons. With it comes the cooler temps, the leaves bursting into color, sweater weather, the smell of wood smoke in the air from fires being lit, hot beverages (with marshmallows), Pumpkin Everything, crocheted accessories like scarves and fingerless mittens, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the pre-Christmas festivities and anticipation. Oh and don’t forget the millions of pins that will be pinned on Pinterest with all the autumn excitement.

There is a lot packed in to three months!

Autumn also brings fun festivities, like Halloween carnivals! A friend of mine who lives in California reached out to me to ask whether I could donate  some items for a Halloween carnival and auction to raise money for her son’s preschool.

I was delighted to help out and checked my stores for some things I could give away. I happened to have some things that I thought would make someone very happy if they bid on them; I also added an amigurumi to round out the package.

So here is what will be up to win and/or bid on!

IMG_1191 zvc

IMG_1175 zvc

IMG_1178 zvcIMG_1171 zvcStarburst blanket
Stuffed whale
Striped baby hat

In addition to the items, I also included a card with a special discount code for any purchase in the shop.




IMG_1182 zvcIf you have any questions or comments about the items I donated, please leave me a comment below.

Happy autumn and Halloween season!